Music piracy unstoppable, Universal admits

The world's largest music company has admitted that piracy cannot be stopped. Francis Keeling, head of digital at Universal Music Group International, said: "Are you going to stop piracy? No you're not. "To try and set that as an objective is just not going to succeed."

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fatstarr3949d ago

finally they see it. Now they should start making changes to adapt to it and counter it at the same time. Just like the anime industry, Videogame Industry, Movie industry, and television industry.

Speed-Racer3949d ago

Piracy = Huge PR tool... they just dont realise it yet

Syko3949d ago

I am sure it is terrifying to watch your successful business model that worked for so many years fall so quickly...But while they are suing and in a panic about the whole thing. The younger generations are laughing and developing new ways to take the power back from the big labels. Sounds like a win to me.