Why Digg Has Started To Lose Traffic

An insight on why Digg had to recently fire Digg employees and the resignation of CEO. Also we have given a number of reasons why Digg has been recently on a decline despite numerous efforts.

fatstarr4773d ago

pretty interesting read. I never used digg seriously before, only when n4g was down.

Speed-Racer4773d ago

Digg in my experience has been a total failure. The basic rule is that if you dont have the right friends, there is a very unlikely chance that your article will ever make front page....which is rather foolish.. .since it eliminates the chances of ever getting a big hit.. Ive used it for 6 months trying hard to get friends, but its too time consuming.... hoping the new digg solves the problem. they need to take a note from techspy :P

Thracks4772d ago

Maybe because Digg is filled with sycophants and egoists that have no idea how to keep their site free of complete bullshit. Their top users steal links from other, lesser users and run the site like a tiny little fiefdom.

It's crap.

Syko4772d ago

Good thing Newsboiler is here to take in all the refugees! lol

Speed-Racer4772d ago

Shameless marketing I see :P

On another note. I dont hate Digg fans that much.... I think most positive comments come simply to help themselves get rank... but Reddit demonstrates true cockiness since the votes are determined by anyone (with the ability to vote down) and if it doesnt involve cats or tits, stories get voted down quickly...with some of the possibly dumbest comments getting the most votes as well. N4G, TechSpy ftw.

snoop_dizzle4772d ago

I never got into Digg. Not because I even disliked it, it was just one more service on top of other stuff I frequent. Though I still shamelessly watch Diggnation. ;)

fatstarr4772d ago

i like techspy more than n4g currently atm... too much uninteresting news on n4g. e3 needs to come and satisfy my video game fancy.

brennton4766d ago

I must admit that I'm not a fan of Digg, but hopefully the upcoming redesign will change that. It's too tech-focused - no one who isn't in the tech industry would really use it or see the point of it I feel.