Music Biz Wins Big in LimeWire Copyright Case

The music industry has landed a major punch in its fight against LimeWire, one of the oldest file-sharing networks on the Internet.

In a 59-page decision issued Tuesday in New York, U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood has ruled on summary judgment that the peer-to-peer company is guilty of inducing copyright infringement, committed copyright infringement and practiced unfair competition.

The judge leaned heavily on one of the plaintiff's expert witnesses, Dr. Richard Waterman of the Wharton School, who testified that a random sample of 1800 files turned up copyright infringement in 93% of them, including 43.6 percent of copyrighted files owned by the plaintiff record labels. Based on the results, Dr. Waterman concluded that "98.8 percent of the files requested for download through LimeWire are copyright protected or highly likely copyright protected, and thus not authorized for free distribution."

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fatstarr4765d ago

this isnt a victory its one step towards the government controlling our internet and taking away the last frontier.
all i can say is whats next...?