Scribd social publishing site dumps Flash in favour of HTML5

MacWorld: Social publishing site Scribd is making a big bet on HTML5 and scrapping its three-year-old Adobe Flash investment.

The site, which features content from such publishers as Simon & Schuster and the Chicago Tribune, will soon have more than 200,000 pages of HTML5-based content, the company said. Plans call for converting tens of millions of documents representing billions of web pages.

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Is HTML5 the new Windows?

Paul Stannard: "If you are as old as me, you remember the transition from MS-DOS to Windows in the early 1990s. Dominant applications like Lotus 123 and WordPerfect were quickly knocked from their perches as the ecosystem tectonically shifted before they responded. Microsoft Word and Excel for Windows replaced Lotus and WordPerfect as the undisputed leaders of their respective product categories. Similar transitions occurred elsewhere across the software world."

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Google Chrome to Block Flash by Default

HTML5 will become the primary experience on Chrome, if a website offers it, technical program manager Anthony Laforge writes in a Google Groups post. If you visit a site that requires Flash to work, Chrome will display a prompt at the top of the page asking if you want to run Flash.

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KingPin2900d ago

took a bit of time before browsers did this automatically.
i been blocking flash by default for years now.


How your phone's battery life can be used to invade your privacy

The Guardian: A group of researchers have demonstrated how to track users with nothing more than their remaining battery power, which could compromise privacy.

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