OWC releases 480GB 2.5-inch solid-state drive

MacWorld: OWC has announced four new solid-state drives to make your Mac fly, without limiting your storage space. The Mercury Extreme Pro SSD is available in capacities ranging from 60GB to 480GB.

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fatstarr5153d ago

US$1580 for the 480GB Mercury Extreme Pro SSD... they got me sold /s

Syko5153d ago

Trust me Fat, if you are stuffing a HDD like that into a comp $1580 is barely gonna be noticeable in the final price tag. Plus your rig will be liquid nitrogen cooled and possibly have a set of lungs lol...

I've known guys that will spend an extra $500 or so dollars on the latest and greatest processor that is actually only like .1Ghz better than the "Step Down"...These type of guys are insane when they are building a new rig.