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Cnet: Best 5 camcorders

Cnet: Here you go-- a list of the top camcorders, culled from the top models in each of our camcorder categories. As new camcorders hit the market and we review them, we'll be ready to update our picks.

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You'll 'Flip' for this new lav mic

Scosche Industries, an award-winning innovator of iPad, iPhone, iPod and now Flip video camera accessories, officially announces ts first Flip-certified products: freedomMIC lavaliere mic for the Flip UltraHD 2 HR/8 GB video camera. The Scosche freedomMIC receiver plugs directly into the UltraHD’s FlipPort, which will come standard on all future flip video camera models, to provide users with the ability to wirelessly record high quality audio to accompany the Flip’s HD recording capabilities.

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Cnet: Top 10 must-have gadgets

Cnet: This month's picks include the HTC Droid Incredible and the Apple iPad. What else is hot on our most recent Must-Have Gadgets list? The Palm Pre Plus and a stellar flat-panel TV, to name just two. Rather than trying to compare gadgets across multiple categories, we present them in alphabetical order, because when you get right down to it, we think they're all must-haves.

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