1 in 4 households with cell phone, no landline

One in 4 households has a cell phone but no traditional landlines, a trend led by the young and the poor that is showing no sign of abating.

The 25 percent who had only a mobile phone in the last half of 2009 was up 2 percentage points from the first half of the year, according to data reported Wednesday by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Spotlighting how steadily people's telephone habits are evolving, in the beginning of 2006 just 11 percent of homes had only a cell.

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Syko4775d ago

Me and my wife got a landline as part of the "Bundle" with the DirecTV and DSL...We later called and had the phone removed because the only people that would call the damn thing were people we didn't want to talk to like telemarketers and stuff. My rule is, If you need to get a hold of me you will know my cell phone number lol...

Captain Tuttle4774d ago

We've thought about getting rid of our landline (packaged with Verizon FIOS) but I'm a little scared about losing that 911 location thing. If my kids ever had to dial the number (knock on wood) the dispatcher would immediately know the address.

Besides, we don't get a Verizon wireless signal in our house. Out in the backyard and in the street in front we get a good, strong signal. We just don't get one in the house. That's why I hold my nose and pay ATT.