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Air Force may suffer collateral damage from PS3 firmware update

When Sony issued a recent PlayStation 3 update removing the device's ability to install alternate operating systems like Linux, it did so to protect copyrighted content—but several research projects suffered collateral damage.

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Captain Tuttle5128d ago

I'm sure that if the Air Force needed to replace one of those PS3's with one that could run Linux Sony would hook them up. That goes for the universities as well. Keeping that PR line (Power of the Cell!) is worth it.

vhero5128d ago

Agreed these sites are dumb if they think the air force by there PS3's at retail plus if they are retail PS3's you really think they hook military PS3's upto the web??? Hell no so they wouldn't even update firmware! They wouldn't need to they just need the power of the cell the don't need firmware updates as they don't use them for games. This is just website either posting these things for hits or because they are peeved they can't use linux themselves no more.

Speed-Racer5128d ago

Lol @ Ars' articles. Why fix it if it aint broke. If the PS3 is serving the military purpose, why update it... they arent playing GOW3 on it. Just like Space Shuttle. It uses maybe 1MB of Ram and an 80s architecture computer...and theyve been blasting to space ever since with no technical hitches...


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Sony has sold out around 25 million PlayStation 5 consoles

According to a recent statement by Sony, it has sold out around 25 million PlayStation 5 consoles.

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