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10° Review: Acer Aspire 5553 The idea of the Taiwanese company to maintain its product line only high-end notebooks continues to develop at full speed. Meanwhile, Acer is trying to configure different systems, trying to find an even better balance between price, performance and quality.

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Arris closes deal to buy Motorola Home cable and internet biz from Google

Engadget - About a year and a half after Google announced its acquisition of Motorola, it's closed a deal to sell the Motorola Home half to Arris. Motorola Home covers the company's cable TV and internet device, which combined with Arris' existing businesses creates what it's calling "the Premier Video Delivery and Broadband Technology Company."

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Top Laptop Brands To Avoid For Gaming

Game Blend: It’s common that when you’re not at home and you have some time to burn, why not do so with a little bit of gaming? Well, if you plan on upgrading anytime soon here are a few laptops you definitely DO NOT want to consider buying for your gaming needs.

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Tuxmask554779d ago

You could also put pretty much any laptop that sells for less than $700 dollars.

What would've been better are *gaming laptops to avoid.

Speed-Racer4777d ago

What do you expect when you get an Intel integrated graphics card?