Kids and Computers: Do Extreme Tykes Still Exist?

ExtremeTech writes:
In a recent story, Daniel S. Evans wrote about building a child-friendly computer. He discusses how a parent can make smart purchasing decisions about hardware and build a system that will appeal to kids' visual tastes, do the things they want, and be upgradeable as their needs mature. These things are all becoming increasingly important, at increasingly younger ages—the sooner kids learn how to type, how to find things (and not find things) online, and develop skills in universal apps like Windows and Word, the better off they'll be in both school and life.

But I realized while reading Dan's story that one aspect of immersing children in tech the way we are is seldom discussed: a relationship between kids and computers today that is almost completely unrecognizable from what it used to be. Even as late as 20 years ago, to use computers meant to understand how they worked—and that's something that's no longer true.

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