This Is How That Dating Site For Apple-Obsessed People Looks

Rosa Golijan of Gizmodo writes: "Remember Cupidtino, the dating website for Apple fanboys and fangirls? It apparently really isn't a joke and the folks behind it decided to prove this by showing me how my dating profile would look once the site launches.

Mel, one of the co-founders of Cupidtino, explained the mission of the site while making my faux profile.

snoop_dizzle4771d ago

This is just way too strange....

Myst4771d ago

Eeh, well...I guess in a way I could see how various apps and what the person does reveal quite a bit about them. Although the premise behind it just makes it seem kind of weird at least to me, probably because I don't have any apple things :/

Captain Tuttle4771d ago

That's weird man although I guess it's not any different from any other hobby enthusiast site. I'm sure there's dating sites for hunters and fisherman for example.