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Robots Made Out of Cell Phones Dance, Cry, Throw Tantrums, and Talk to Each Other

Popsci: "Canadian researchers trying to integrate robots into our lives have come up with a pair of dancing, crying cell phone 'bots. The robots, called Callo and Cally, are cell phones with limbs.
Cally stands about 7 inches high and walks, dances and mimics human behavior. Callo stands about 9 inches tall, and his face, which is a cell phone display screen, shows human facial expressions when he receives text-messaged emotions. When he receives a smile emoticon, Callo stands on one leg, waves his arms and smiles. If he receives a frown, his shoulders slump and he will cry. If he gets an urgent message, or a really sad one, he'll wave his arms frantically"

Myst4776d ago

Heh seems rather interesting, at the same time though it seems like a specially designed phone that is placed on the mount of the robotic piece. I really do love the faces it makes especially near the end lol.

elcompa4254776d ago

I'm just waiting for a transformer phone. I give it 5-10 years.......