New NEC technology detects pirated online videos “in seconds”

Software that helps to detect “illegal” video content on the web automatically isn’t really new, but NEC claims its technology has two selling points that sets it apart from similar solutions: speed and accuracy. The company says its system can identify pirated video material in a “matter of seconds”, with a detection rate of 96% and at a false alarm rate of just five in one million cases.

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Myst4780d ago

I'm assuming that this in turn will also work on torrent sites? Or is it just mainly looking into websites that host said videos? Either way it's pretty interesting and in a way a good notion to help stop it, but gut instinct tells me it will only slow down the process and not halt it immediately. Heck I could even see various work around coming maybe months, weeks or even a few days after this piece of technology surfaces.

Thracks4780d ago

Each signature is roughly 10MB for a 90 minute movie (((60 seconds * 90 minutes) * 23.975 FPS) * 76 bytes). Not bad. Wonder if it does frame analysis resulting in a hash?

Also: Shit.

Cat4780d ago

"Also: Shit."

...mostly that.

iforgotmylogin4780d ago

This is really bad...such sad news today. our internet rights are being stolen from us. I support stopping piracy but this right here is plan one. phase one whats next -_-. its gonna be like "1984" . and I give programmers 3 days to crack it.