iPhone OS 4.0: The great Android 2.1 imitator

Robert Hallock of writes: "In April Apple introduced iPhone OS 4.0.... What struck me about the Apple presentation, however, was not the ingenuity or the originality of the new features. No, what struck me is that I had seen almost all of them before in Android 2.1."

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PS360WII4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

The best thing about the OS 4.0 for me is folders. Multitasking was more like app switching but it's a small screen so I guess we can't get too picky.

So thank you Android 2.1 for making Apple see a way to update it's OS

Myst4395d ago

Well doesn't matter to much now as the HTC Hero [phone I have] isn't getting it today anyway. So far from what I've gathered around the 'net is that 2.1 has been pushed back and back honestly don't think it's coming to Hero anytime soon...