Middleware and Section 3.3.1

Gruber writes, "Miguel de Icaza wrote a thoughtful, informative piece this week regarding how MonoTouch works, and how it might avoid conflicting with Apple’s new Section 3.3.1. It was published two days ago, thus, before Steve Jobs’s “Thoughts on Flash” essay was published. De Icaza’s theory on the business case for the new, more restrictive Section 3.3.1 was pretty much flat-out confirmed by Jobs — Apple doesn’t want cross-platform lowest-common-denominator apps built on top of Cocoa Touch."

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Apple To Change iOS To iPhone OS, iPhone To Apple Phone: Tipsters Suggests

According to Leaks, Apple is going to change the name of proprietary iPhone software iOS to iPhone OS and Apple Phone will be the new name of the iPhone.

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Apple iOS 7.1 hits 6 percent adoption

Just 24 hours after its release on Monday, iOS 7.1 had snared 5.9 percent of all iOS Web traffic seen by Chitika for North America.

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