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Will Apple Be the Death of Sony?

Poor Sony. It seems as if everywhere Apple points, Sony happens to be in the line of fire.

* Apple's iTunes offers digital video downloads that sidestep the need for optical discs. Sony sells DVD and Blu-ray players.
* Apple's iPhone and iPod touch -- and now iPad -- play thousands of free or dirt-cheap video games. Sony's PlayStation3 console and PSP handheld require brisk software sales of licensed titles.
* Apple's monitors continue to get bigger, and even the iPad is a worthy platform for digital video. Sony sells Bravia TVs.
* Apple's iBookstore program for the iPad is winning critical praise for its colorful content. Sony's e-book reader was already having a hard time against's Kindle.

RememberThe3574769d ago

But the "death of Sony"? Not so much. Much of what Apple sells through iTunes has Sony's name on it. And I don't see how Apple is hurting the TV business either, I'm not going to have a big ass computer in the middle of my living thank you very much. Also the PS3 is doing quite well, as are all the other consoles out (excluding the PSP at the moment).

All that Apple's success is doing to Sony is forcing them to step their game up. This is why economists and market researchers love competition so much.

Speed-Racer4769d ago

Not the best comparison in my opinion. Sony does TVs and video game systems very well, Apple does computers and portable music well... where is the real link?

zoks3104769d ago

But they are sure as hell making Sony rethink how they approach the tech markets that they are invested in. Sony's biggest issue is price and being out of touch with what people want.
But I know Sony will get it right eventually, they have gotten so many things right in the past. Apple will hit a bump eventually it happens to the best of them. Sony will get a second shot with Bluray and 3D video.