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Icrontic review: Palm Pre Plus

Icrontic's Robert Hallock turns his laser sights onto the Palm Pre Plus from Verizon and asks one question: Is a near-perfect OS enough to overcome hardware and marketing flaws from on high?

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Polluted3958d ago

Do want.

We'll probably get these in Canada around 2012.

snoop_dizzle3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Oh, you guys don't have it yet? Is the EVO delayed for you too?

Thracks3957d ago

When the Pre Plus goes up for sale on AT&T, I can't imagine that Bell or Telus will be far behind.

Ngai3958d ago

I'm truly sold by Android. Not sure if i'll ever go to something else, atleast not very soon.

Speed-Racer3957d ago

I cant say the Palm Pre is impressive... and being anti-Apple guy... I ended up with an HTC Desire running on Android.... all I can say is ... money well spent!