Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1 - Betas released

Mozilla released the Betas for Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1. There are some major improvements like out-of-process plug-ins. This means that a plug-in-Crash does not effect the whole browser.

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Asuka4775d ago

Oh please let Firefox 3.6.4 have better security than the previous versions. 3.6.3 was suppose to fix some security exploits that causes your browser to crash, and i can say that it still happens -_-

FireFox really needs to be optimized because its sad how slow it is compared to earlier versions. Its like with every new version it gets slower and slower. I have no idea if this is because the source code is just getting all jumbled up because of all the revisions, in which case alittle more housekeeping would be nice.

Archaic4775d ago

Is it Firefox that's slow, or is it Firefox with addons that's slow? I get the feeling that some of the more important addons that practically everyone installs are not keeping pace with Firefox in terms of speed, even though they've put in plenty of improvements to their own stability.

mittwaffen4775d ago

Why haven't you picked up Google chrome yet?

GC is the best browser i've come across; Firefox while good doesn't live up to the quality of a Google product.

sid4gamerfreak4774d ago

GC is really the most convenient web browser out there, found it miles better than firefox...