OCZ's Enyo may be the sexiest USB 3.0 external SSD this world has ever seen

Engadget: "OCZ actually slipped this one into its CES 2010 reveal lineup, but at the time, no official product name was mentioned. All we knew was that an ultra-sleek external SSD was on tap, and we couldn't wait to wrap our sickeningly sweaty palms around it. Fast forward to today, and OCZ has finally slapped a certified moniker and even a shipping status onto the Enyo, a downright gorgeous portable SSD with a native SuperSpeed USB interface. Encased in aluminum, this beaut will ship in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB flavors, with speeds of up to 260MB/sec (read) and 200MB/sec (write) promised. The company says that these are making their way out today, but mum's the word so far on pricing. Not like it matters.

Update: We've received pricing direct from OCZ for the US market. The 64GB model will run $229.99, while the 128GB demands $409.99 and the 256GB version places a $819.99 dent in your credit limit."

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