World struggles to find a reason for the existence of the Juke Boxee Box

Engadget: "Modders love making things really, really small -- or ridiculously large. It's arcade game consoles that fit on your bookshelf one day, and the Juke Boxee Box the next. When the interface designers at Feng GUI decided they couldn't wait for their Boxee Box, they built their own -- at five times the height. Essentially a PC, speakers, IR receiver, and monitor crammed into a wood box, this is definitely one of the more pointless mods we've encountered in a long time -- but we'll be damned if it doesn't look good!"

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Cat4781d ago

we'll be damned if it doesn't look good!"

I disagree - that thing is an eyesore!

Syko4781d ago (Edited 4781d ago )

As the great Denis Leary said:

"What was the problem with just smoking a joint, eating a couple of Twinkies, and going to sleep? Was that a problem? They say marijuana leads to other drugs. No it doesn't, it leads to f***ing carpentry. That's the problem, folks. People getting high going, "Wow man, this box would make an excellent bong! *snort* This guy's head would make an excellent bong! *snort*" Relax! That's why I stopped doing drugs in the first place. Not because I didn't like 'em, but because I didn't want to build anything, ok?"