Prizefight: HTC Droid Incredible vs. Apple iPhone 3GS

Cnet pits HTC's new Droid Incredible against Apple's iPhone 3GS.

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Captain Tuttle4775d ago

No more iPhone for me. My 18 month old 3g won't be able to multitask because Steve Jobs wants me to update my hardware every year and a half. Never again.

Thracks4775d ago

The iPhone's hardware has looked long in the tooth for quite some time, but the Droid Incredible makes it all that much more apparent. Combine that with walled gardens and a corporate ethos that tacitly supports monopoly, Apple can take a hike.

snoop_dizzle4775d ago

I'm still waiting a bit to jump on Android until it grows a bit more. I would like to see a better selection games and more apps before I do. I am looking more at the EVO or future phones.

Thracks4775d ago

No doubt. I'm a BlackBerry Bold owner (the worst gadget decision I've ever made), and I knew from the moment I touched the G1 that my phone was obsolete. When I later handled the Droid, my rage increased ten-fold. It increased ten-fold again when I touched the Incredible.

But my contract with AT&T does not expire until November, and I know it would be very prudent to wait until then. Android 2.2 will probably be released, along with a suite of post-EVO 4G devices which should be better than the Incredible.

I'm already satisfied with the app store, though, because it 100% meets my needs and the possibilities are endless.

s8anicslayer4775d ago

I love the Incredible, I got it at launch and I've been tinkering with it since. Hands down the best current android phone! Now for the iPhone it's hardware is dated and the 4G iPhone will be released soon and unless the iPhone comes to Verizon I will just have to be content with my iPod. Apple needs to get current with the iPhone capabilities such as "MULTITASKING".