Apple: the New Microsoft?

Back in the 1990s, in an anti-trust suit launched by the U.S. Justice Department, Microsoft was prosecuted for using its market dominance to unfairly harm competitors. That's exactly what some people charge Apple is doing, by not allowing developers to use non-Apple tools to develop apps for the iPad and iPhone.

ballsofsteel4773d ago

Apple as first was the good guy. they were the little guy fighting the big corporations like MS, but over the last couple years apple has really become much more of the Big business they they are supposedly fighting against. With the strict limitation on the app store, along with removing flash(the internet's most used tools), and rather than compete with Google for phone os dominance they decide to sue them through HTC. and when some guy get an iphone prototype they break down his door and raid his house AFTER HE GAVE IT BACK. i use to like apple but it's clearly obvious apple is no better or maybe even worse that business like MS. Hell Steve jobs even said that google's dont't be evil motto is "BS"

Thracks4772d ago

Once upon a time, Microsoft was accused of deliberately locking people into their own software. Apple not only does this, but makes it a public and well-advertised policy.

Once upon a time, Microsoft was accused of controlling the market through acquisitions. After buying PA Semi and Quattro Wireless, you could now make the same accusation at Apple.

All the numbers are adding up: Apple of today is no better than the Microsoft of yesterday.