Nearly half of parents friend their kids on Facebook

Ars writes:

"A question for those of you who maintain Facebook or other social networking accounts: how many of you friend your parents? How many of you would friend your parents if you were still a teenager? I'm friends with my mom on Facebook, but I can't say for certain whether I would if I were 16. According to a new survey by Retrevo, almost half of parents say that they're friends with their teenagers on social networks."

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Archaic5165d ago

Rather than stats on how many parents friend their kids, I'd be more interested in the stats of how many parents use that to try and keep tabs on what their children do (and how many of those children skilfully use privacy settings so they can't). I wouldn't be all that surprised if many parents who friend there kids do so from the kids setting up a Facebook account for them (in a vain attempt to get them to use technology), or to give their kids more access to their own networks of connections (for tech savvy parents wanting to help their kids with networking to find a job).


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