Gadgets of Days Gone By

CrunchGear: "Writing about the newest technology can be tiring. As a man once said, “Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.” More storage! More speed! I want apps and GPS and privacy! The days before terabyte external drives and gigahertz phone processors were a more tranquil time, though admittedly we look back on it through a rose-tinted lens. Still, in between all the underpowered Windows 98SE PCs, fragile flip-phones, and mammoth laptops, there were plenty of gadgets we still remember with no small affection.

So this week at CrunchGear we’re taking a little time to remember and celebrate some of the gadgets and technologies that have held a special place in our hearts, whether they were simple and reliable or just really fun to spin. We’ll be adding reminiscences all week, and we encourage you to add your own memories."

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