Phillies Fan Gets Tasered: YouTube Captures it from Every Angle

The 17-year-old’s run for it (what “it” is exactly isn’t clear in this case) wasn’t captured by the live TV broadcast, as networks typically cut away from rogue fans, which, aren’t an especially uncommon sight in the waning moments of sporting events.

However, that practice is just about as antiquated as the tape delayed Olympics, with word (and video) of the event quickly spreading via social media channels.

In this case, the running fan was captured by numerous fan’s video cameras, the footage quickly uploaded to YouTube, and the results used by dozens – if not hundreds – of news organizations that have reported on the incident and fans eager to share it with their friends. Combined, the various videos have already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

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Syko4774d ago

I am not gonna lie...I don't think anything is quite as good as a trigger happy cop with a taser. I mean really what beats an unprovoked Taser assault? Except for an unprovoked Taser blast in front of 30,000 people on TV!