Acer leaks AMD mobile tri-core

Fudzilla: Earlier today we stumbled upon Acer's Aspire 5553G, a 15.6-inch laptop based on AMD's quad-core Phenom II X4 N930. A few more listings of upcoming Acer models with the new Phenom were brought to our attention by one of our colleagues and it turns out the new quad will also be featured in the 17-inch Aspire 7551G.

However, it also appears that Acer will also introduce a three-core part on new Aspire models, both in the 17-inch and 15.6-inch flavor. The Phenom X3 N830 is clocked at 2.1GHz and it should end up a bit cheaper than the quad. It will be featured alongside HD 5470 graphics in both the Aspire 7551G and 5551G, but on the upside tri-core models will end up around €100 cheaper.

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