Nokia 8.3 5G Review: Too Premium A Price To Beat Competition

After being revealed in March, we have finally gotten our hands on the Nokia 8.3 5G to review, and it’s safe to say we have some issues.

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markkavanagh5d ago

Thomas is a talented young man. You have to feel sorry for Nokia. Hmd global probably blew its entire marketing budget for 2020 on this phone

Telford915d ago

You're too kind. I'm sure they paid a pretty penny for the James bond attachment

PrimeVinister5d ago

I was going to say it was a disaster about James Bond getting pushed back again

TheEffectDotNet5d ago

A phone that shot for the stars and missed. Too large for its own good!

PrimeVinister5d ago

Definitely tried to do too much with what price per unit they had to work with.

6.81" is madness.

Telford915d ago

a nice 6-inch device without the chinstrap would have been perfect

PrimeVinister5d ago


The chinstrap doesn't bother me at all. I almost like it as it's like a Nokia signifier. The logo looks right down there as they have had it there for around a decade.