Huawei Watch GT 2E First Impressions

Huawei is continuing to expand its portfolio outside of its traditional area of phones with the competitively priced Huawei Watch GT 2E.

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PrimeVinister71d ago

It is still a fairly limited smartwatch though. The battery life on the GT 2 is excellent but I don't use it all that much

Telford9170d ago

If say it'd cost at least double if you could respond to messages

TheEffectDotNet71d ago

We're a big fan of the battery life but wish notifications were better handled and were interactive.

PrimeVinister71d ago

That's it.

Most of the non-fitness functionality is fairly shallow.

The app and the fitness stuff are very good but it looks like it should do more all-round.

markkavanagh70d ago

Our friend Noel loves this because of the battery life and lack of notification interaction. I miss voice control on times and that kind of thing but the health stats are of Garmin depth