Tech news: Everything you need to know about the Huawei P40 range of flagship smartphones

Hands on set-up of the Huawei P40 Pro; another incredible camera phone from the Chinese tech giant but it has no Google Play Store

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PrimeVinister59d ago

The App Gallery experience has been refined a lot since I tried it on Mate 30 Pro.

But you still need to go third-party.

markkavanagh57d ago

I have any apps up and running fine without side loading Google play services. For my full review I am going to try survive for 72 hours with this as my main phone. I don't have time to watch much YouTube so I don't see too many issues

TonyMKelly58d ago

Hard to see if the extra €400 for the Pro+ will be worth it

markkavanagh57d ago

The ceramic body looks nice . But shame there is no 120hz screen and only 8gb ram