HANDS ON PREVIEW: Huawei announce the new €2499 Mate Xs Foldable Smartphone

Things have just wrapped up at the official Huawei Irish media event for the announcement of the new Huawei Mate Xs foldable smartphone. This new device can be seen as Huawei’s upgraded answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip but its €2499 price point is going to be a hard sell, quite literally.

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markkavanagh574d ago

Exciting phone but crazy price

TheEffectDotNet574d ago

Ya, it's quite literally going to be a really hard sell! Stunning phone though! Incredibly futuristic!

PrimeVinister574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

Build quality is absolutely next-level.

But they had to get rid of the visible seam and match the GPU and CPU of non-folding premiums. If anything, we are being asked to pay €350 more for a year of natural progress and the polyamide equivalent of running the iron over it a few times.

PrimeVinister574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

I heard someone loudly exclaim 'Jesus' when the price was announced.

Mostly because I exclaimed it.