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Restarting your computer after a ransomware attack could result in more problems

“Did you try turning it off and on again?” is a common adage, but it is not always the best solution when dealing with ransomware problems.

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itswilliam74d ago

i felt something happening in my computer, became too slow! then i restarted and found all the data was encrypted by .etols extension

itswilliam71d ago

actually i was trying to install software for icloud unlocking, it was trying to install a few extensions which i let that install, after that i lost everything

Cobra95168d ago

- Data backups
- Browse in a sandbox
- Good ad blocker
- NoScript (browser addon)

Nothing is completely foolproof, but these steps have kept my stuff safe for a long time. Sorry about your troubles.

itswilliam68d ago

thank you for sharing, i didnt have backup that time, lost everything