Tim Cook suggests Apple is working on an iPhone subscription service

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an earnings call that the company is looking into more ways for users to pay for their iPhones monthly.

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The_Blue35d ago

New age slavery. Fuck is a subscription for?

2pacalypsenow34d ago

Except there a huge difference between being forced to do something and choosing to do something.

If you think this is the equivalent of slavery, you should really research what slavery is.

The_Blue34d ago

Yes then tell me about the many forms of slavery. How things become norm and appealing to the slave. Over time the slave would even defend that paradigm. Also you think slavery is more psychical then mental?

2pacalypsenow34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

If you chose to allow yourself to be a slave of Apple then that's your choice, there's plenty of options out there, no one is forcing you to buy an iPhone.

Using that logic you can say everything is slavery since we are slaves to certain foods, entertainment, sex etc...

Calling it slavery is just a cop out for your own weakness you're looking for someone or something to blame. Kinda like people calling drug addiction a sickness, no one put that needed in your vein.

WeOwnTheNight34d ago

Lots of fools here on N4G.

You have a choice to not purchase a subscription.