Netflix Crack down On Users For Sharing Their Login Details With Family And Friends

Netflix plans to crackdown on users who share their login details with family and friends, it is working on ways to lessen users with shared account.

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MasterChief3624255d ago

This is a very poorly-written article, and the link to the Mirror is actually a link to a BelfastLive page that discusses how people in the UK and America that have unlocked Android phones will not be able to access Netflix on their devices anymore.

If you can't tell, that has nothing to do with the top article.

WeOwnTheNight255d ago

Everything about this article is nonsense. Even the share counters and page views are faked.

CobraKai255d ago

Thanks for the heads up guys. I was about to waste my time reading it

SunnyZ255d ago

“We are ongoing to track it so we’re observing the circumstance. And we will see those customer-friendly methods to push on the edges of that.” He stated.

He stated? I think he stroked...

WeOwnTheNight254d ago

Techacrobat passes their copied articles through one of those translators that swaps words to make it seem like an originally written article. Guess the quote got cause in the mix