REVIEW: Google Pixel 4 XL - TheEffect

The Pixel 4 is official and here's our full rundown. With its 90hz display, 'Motion Sense' radar technology and improved, dual-rear camera set up, does the new Pixel 4 and 4 XL do enough to compete with the big dogs? Read on to find out

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PrimeVinister229d ago

Pixel 4's battery life is poor for a premium device. Glad to see the XL fares better

TheEffectDotNet229d ago

Ya, our thoughts exactly, the 4 XL's battery is a respectable size and the Android 10 optimisation really helps get that little bit extra out of it. Still no match for Huawei's flagships though but they'll always be hard to beat!

TonyMKelly229d ago

Excellent review. Love the photos and the presentation. A lot of work obviously went in to the post and you make very valid and fair points

TheEffectDotNet229d ago

Thanks Tony, appreciate the kind feedback! 👍🏻