Surprisingly, teens are spending more time on YouTube than Netflix

A new survey from Piper Jaffray, an investment bank and institutional securities firm,  looks at teen habits YouTube, Netflix, and more.

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starsi360133d ago

Why is it surprising? YouTube is free to anyone with internet access! Netflix is a subscription.
Also, it’s not like YouTube is some underdog upstart!

Agent_00_Revan133d ago

I'm 33 and I use YouTube WAY more then Netflix. Despite how much content Netflix has, there's just not as much in interested in. Most of the YouTube channels I watch upload new content daily or several times a week. On Netflix you binge watch something in a few days then that's it until the next thing.

Cobra951132d ago

I'm older than that, and same for me. I watch quite a bit of Amazon Prime Video; but Youtube still comes out on top by a fair margin. It's the free form and huge variety of content that keeps me coming back. I don't understand why anyone thinks this is surprising.

KingPin133d ago

well it also depends on the time available.
generally a YouTube video is much shorter in length so taking a 10 min break for example makes YouTube a better option.

masterfox130d ago

how about spending more their time outside doing sports, helping their parents, clean their rooms, do their homework, how about just being productive ;)