Researchers developed system to truly land a plane autonomously

Researchers have developed an avionics system which can take visual and infrared data to determine where the runway is and then autonomously land the plane.

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WeOwnTheNight102d ago

This is really amazing! Still basic but looks like it might be much safer than actual pilots!

KicksOnRoute66102d ago

Correct. At least they can reduce the crew to one pilot for monitoring purposes. We all know how new technology ended for Boeing

KicksOnRoute66102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

*Edit spelling*

GreatBear102d ago

Hmmm needs a few years I'd hope but I like the idea.

Altaire102d ago

Of course! At least small plane pilots can use it till then even if they have to hand fly closer to the runway

Psychotica101d ago

I thought auto pilot could already do that

Cobra951101d ago

In the better airliners, yes, it can.

GreatBear101d ago

It doesn't. Please read the article

Cobra95199d ago

Fair enough. That's pretty cool, sort of a parallel to autonomous cars.