For Its Next Electric Cars Toyota Is Testing Its Solar Roof

Toyota does not have an all-electric car yet but is presently explore solar roofs on its Prius hybrid, with public examinations

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Profchaos9d ago

Is an extra 44kms worth having no rear window?

krauley9d ago

they could easily put a camera on the back of the roof and a screen in the mirror housing to duplicate looking out the back window. Not sure how it would work but i have a backup camera in my car and using the display to back into a tight place works better than looking out my mirrors. that said, there is no substitute for using the mirrors to backup normally, at least for us old people :P

Inzo9d ago

For all these car companies screaming save the world they are making sure that only the super rich can afford their "green cars"

Lord_Belasco9d ago

If I had easily accessible mass transit I would not even own a car. They are simply too much of a financial burden.