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Some poor sap in Florida is losing his job for that $500,000 Bitcoin ransom

Lake City, a Florida city that paid a $500,000 Bitcoin ransom last week, has fired the IT director that oversaw the computer systems.

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Cobra951682d ago

". . . now that hackers know that cities will pay these insane amounts, are we going to see more a lot more of these?"

Why, yes. The truly heinous crime here is that they paid half a million dollars to criminals. They should have paid that and more to top IT talent instead, to recover whatever was possible, and reconstruct the rest. Paying here was like negotiating with terrorists. And lives weren't even at stake.

Now the floodgates can open. Free $millions for ransom attacks! Where do I sign up?

KnowTechie682d ago

Yea, I was actually torn writing that headline. At the same time, it probably wasn't this guy's fault. The city should have never paid it. Poor guy.

Question_Mark682d ago

So this city basically gave money to terrorists? That’s not a good thing.

jaycptza680d ago

They are not terrorists.

682d ago