What Led To Huawei Ban? Huawei Right Or Wrong? Stealing Patent Info?

There are solid reasons that led to huawei ban by USA, huawei has done some cheats before with other companies in terms of stealing confidential information

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ILostMyMind88d ago

It would be funny if China started a new operating system for smartphones ...

SaQlain88d ago

probably they're developing

ControllerBreaker88d ago

They are an extension of the chinese government and steal information for them. Vodaphone found backdoors on their Huawei network equipment. This is not a conspiracy, the Chinese are stealing £35 billion a year in personal data and IP. Past presidents did nothing and were cowards. It took trump to put a stop to this.

dcbronco86d ago

Nobody spies like the US. It would be stupid to believe the spying is limited to government. I'm sure tons of it is aimed at foreign companies. Though most of it is aimed at us which is used to produce the best propaganda to influence as many sheep as possible. Nobody has as many sheep as America. We know for a fact the US government spies on us, we know it allows US companies to exploit us(Facebook,Apple, ATT), we know our government uses propaganda on us(see just about every political campaign's use of rhetoric aimed at it's base), we know our government spends hundreds of billions keeping us "safe", we know it lies to make excuses to attack other countries and steal their resources, we know after all of the talk of patriotism and honor our government abandons our troops when they can no longer perform their jobs, we know our government leaders enrich themselves through insider trading, we know they cheat to decide our leadership and remain in power. There are many other issues we know about our government. What I don't know is why anyone would trust it.

Huawei holds many patents in 5 g and other tech areas. Hard to steal a patent you own. This is weak American companies and crony government conspiring to take out the competition. This is a mob hit. If the mob was doing what our government is you'd quickly call it out. Always replace the US government with terrorist or drug cartel in any issue. You'll quickly see things differently once you remove your blinders. Our government is terribly corrupt and by far the worst on this planet. Stop believing the "free market" lies.

Kabaneri88d ago

The Chinese have been stealing from the West for decades. Their success is built on our decline.

dcbronco85d ago

The US decline is based on corporate greed, corrupt politicians and a gullible public. But if we solved the third thing it would fix the other two.