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NYC lawmakers are trying to introduce fines for people who text while crossing the street

We all know distracted driving is a big issue for safety, but what about distracted walking? Lawmakers in NYC seem to think so, and maybe they're right.

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TheOpenWorlder120d ago

Who the hell would walk a street and text? It's such a bad idea.

Abnor_Mal120d ago

Damn near everybody does this, or they stand in the middle of the sidewalk to type.

Cobra951120d ago

Even just walking down the sidewalk, they're a hazard. One girl just barely avoided smacking right into me as I was just standing there. I had to yell at her so she's look up from her hands. Shocked look on her face. Oh, hey! Reality intrudes.

KingPin118d ago

i hope this is to provide safety for motorists........otherwise i say let them get mowed down by traffic.

that should decrease the amount stupid in the world.