A Former Indian Student Destroyed Computers With USB Killer Stick Of Worth $58,000

A former indian student in USA destroyed computers of worth $58,000 using a USB killer stick and will be sentenced to jail for 10 years.

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steven83r1382d ago

That headline is all jacked up. How about computers worth $58k and not "computers with killer usb stick of worth $58k" .....Huh?

WelkinCole1382d ago

Why do people do this?

Also people should never plug in any USB they don't know where it is from

Cobra9511381d ago

I already knew of a device that was basically a capacitor and some simple smarts to charge it up from the USB port, and then discharge it all at once into the port, frying the poor system. It does that repeatedly until it succeeds. Is this the same thing? Probably? (Haven't read the story yet. Don't know if I want to, after that headline.)

You wouldn't do it; but in a public place with lots of computers, some loser can go around nonchalantly inserting their USB of death into each one in turn.

Cobra9511381d ago

Wow, 10-year sentence. Yeah, it's the same kind of device. Why do some people do such destructive stuff maliciously? Idk, jerk gene? I hope it's recessive.

WeOwnTheNight1382d ago

Any chance you could learn how to write proper English, techacrobat?

SaQlain1381d ago

would you write for us?

WeOwnTheNight1381d ago

Nah mate, I don't work for free

SaQlain1380d ago

parent's love is only thing you get FREE, BTW i didn't ask you for free!

darklaw1381d ago

probably AI written. Took me a bit to read that headline.