Apple is ripping off Samsung with the addition of reverse wireless charging on the next iPhones

CNBC writes:

Apple's new iPhones will also be able to wirelessly charge other devices, like AirPods, Kuo says.

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jaycptza141d ago

but Huawei had it first so Samsung already ripped it off.

Inzo140d ago

Actually it was supposed to be a feature in the S9 already but Samsung dropped it, so while Huawei was the first to implement it is hardly ripped off by Samsung.

bmf7364140d ago

In short, it's difficult to say one company is "ripping off" another. It's simply the direction the industry is moving. Like this stupid folding phone trend. Will we go full circle with phone innovation? Who knows.

I hate Apple as much as the next guy and don't get me wrong, to call what they do "ripoffs" when most of their "innovations" in their tech happen 6 years after the competition is laughable.

blacktiger140d ago

but I had with Nexus 5 wireless charging years ago so they all ripped it off

demonicale140d ago

They all copy each other, how is this news?

PapaBop140d ago

Exactly, pretty sure Apple use Samsung's screen technology too. Copying this sort of feature is a good thing, can't say I've used it on my S10 but it's the sort of feature where it's better to have and not need than not have it and need it.

Inzo140d ago

Well, Apple uses Samsungs OLED screens so why not their features too.

DillyDilly140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Everyone copies each other