Sony Xperia 10 review - A Widescreen View of Things to Come | EliteGamer

Sony's marketers certainly haven't been stretching the truth - the 21:9 aspect ratio is definitely the standout feature of Xperia 10. Whether or not an individual user will avail of it often enough to warrant it is a different story.

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Telford915d ago

Too big of a screen for my taste

PrimeVinister5d ago

It's only as long as a Mate 20 Pro or Note 9 overall though and the weighting is perfect. Xperia 1 won't have the performance shortcomings of this device (at a cost obviously). It will show off the 21:9 better.

obscurenamedigit5d ago

Aye, I think it's a great size, it's bigger than my OLD S7 but much more comfortable to use with one hand.