Sony Xperia 10 First Impressions - 21:9 is the Real Deal for Media Playback | EliteGamer

With other Android flagships starting to steer towards more unconventional form-factors, Sony try something new while not reinventing the wheel. A 21:9 aspect ratio is designed for super-wide media and on first impressions it's worth what little trade-off there is with a 'long' device.

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TheEffectDotNet1476d ago

Shame about it only being LCD but looks impressive otherwise!

PrimeVinister1476d ago

Had to save a few bob somewhere to keep it mid-range

UltimateOwnage1475d ago

After having my Samsung phones with OLED screens eventually having burn in traces il honestly more inclined to go with a high end LCD these days. I’d be curious to see how it stacks up. Sony usually has top notch LCD panels.

Heavenly King1475d ago

Get the Xperia 1 instead then ;)

Telford911475d ago

Mid range these days are far and away the best value. The point in buying a flagship is decreasing by the day

mcstorm1475d ago

I'm with you on that the only thing the mid range phones don't have at this moment in time is something like Samsung Dex or wp continuum. For me I use them quite a bit but if the mid range phones get this type of os then I'll defo look at a mid range device next time.