Sony Mobile on Xperia 1: "The Content Caught Up - The Time is Right for 4K Smartphones"

Sony Xperia 1 brings 4K back with a 21:9 OLED panel. Sony hope that the panel resonates with the public's love of streaming movies/TV on the go and the need to handle the increasing complexity and depth of mobile gaming.

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Telford911479d ago

Cue ps5 console rumours

PrimeVinister1479d ago

PS5 will support 21:9 and Sony will announce a line of 21:9 Bravias. Most likely.

TheEffectDotNet1479d ago

Reading '4K HDR OLED' genuinely makes my eyes light up; And it's on a phone!👌

lvlessi1478d ago

awesome that is though

ibrake4naps1478d ago

4k on a tiny screen? I thought it had to be 55in+ to see a difference.

Juiceid1478d ago

40-50" range for 1080 vs 720. You're looking at 100 or more to see a difference between 1080 and 4k.

ibrake4naps1478d ago

small 4k screens are a perfect fit for VR!

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