Next-Gen Xbox Specs Leaked; To Feature AMD Navi GPU

Team Xbox is speculated to reveal the Xbox Scarlett project this E3, and Sony's absence from the event should give them enough opportunity.

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Shikoku1214d ago

Yeah no. These "leaks" are ridiculous

ABizzel11212d ago

They’re actually possible, but these website need to stop ignorantly comparing these TFLOPS from AMD with NVIDIA GPUs.

A 12TF GPU from AMD would be insignificantly weaker than the Vega 64, which is weaker than a 8TF GTX 1080, and much weaker than that 11TF 1080 ti, and 14TF 2080 Ti.

10 - 12 TFLOP consoles are extremely possible on Navi which is a brand new architecture and fabrication node. 2020 - 2021.

Parasyte1214d ago

I can say with some degree of certainty that this is complete BS.

mkis0071213d ago

Gpu power is being wasted on 4k right now... I want Digital Molecular Matter level physics. I want Euphoria Engine in more games. I want draw distance that prevents pop-in from being noticed. No visible Shadow Cascade. Give me 1440p and use that gpu power where it will have way more noticeable advantages.