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Huawei Reveal 'Mate X': Targets 'Galaxy Fold Issues' (Official Specs Here)

At their pre-MWC 2019 keynote, Huawei clearly set their sights on Samsung's just-announced Galaxy Fold - Huawei's Mate X looks a better but more expensive product.

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TheEffectDotNet1434d ago

We're 'doubled-over' with excitement to get our hands on one of these.. we'll get our coat..

PrimeVinister1434d ago

Your's for 2,299 bucks ...

fr0sty1434d ago

and some chinese spyware...

WeOwnTheNight1434d ago

@TheEffectDotNet - I shot myself in the head trying to process that lame joke

level 3601433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Great looking phone but the price is way too high ( higher than Galaxy Fold ) and is definitely more prone to prints/scratches as both screens are exposed.
Looking at some videos online, you can clearly see the crease is very pronounced when phone is being folded open.

vblp20171433d ago

nice looking just awesome i just loved it when it folded