YouTube will no longer lead you down a rabbit hole of conspiracy videos

Good news for the easily-brainwashed, YouTube has announced that it's making sweeping changes to its recommendation engine.

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V12Mercedes542d ago

Thank God. I don’t need videos from QAnon idiots or people screaming about Soros popping up every time I try to watch baseball bloopers or music videos.

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JokerBoy422541d ago

What a slippery slope... Now they can claim anything "conspiracy" and people can never know the truth. UFOs are one thing but now theyve weaseled into full information dictatorship.

annoyedgamer541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

So no more videos about Russia hacking Star Wars reviews? Oh right...

How long before the dislike button is removed since it can be used to promote hate speech?

kalkano541d ago

The problem is that they're not actually talking about "Conspiracy Videos"; they're talking about Conservative videos.

Shikoku541d ago

Present proof or you're just part of the problem

GGEZ541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

pretty much. There are tons of conspiracy videos in the Young Turks channel but they don't mind those.

Protagonist541d ago

I mean if the so-called conservatives sees boogiemen and aliens everywhere...

1nsomniac541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

So what happens with the likes of VW with their emissions scandal!?

They claimed it was a conspiracy theory for years until it was finally proven by an amateur that released all his info on YouTube before taking it to court - The Regulators & European Commission had already passed it as fake news based on tests they had claimed to have performed themselves. The guy then went away and got physical, tangible proof that he could show in front of a court room so took them back to court & he won by physically proving it!

VW instead of fixing the issue which had been demanded by the High Court, received help from other European benefactors to fit a secondary cheat device. So that the car produced fake results at the correct time during the retests that would bypass the check for the first cheat device.
After being caught out a SECOND time they were let off with a fine and slapped wrists. Not one person faced jail time. Not a single one! Despite having several hundred emails of discussions about how they were going to create & use the cheat device signed by individuals!

This went on for years, included hundreds of people, potentially even thousands!

If you believe this censorship of the internet is to save you from fake news then you're an idiot! No if's, no but's, a complete moron!

Shikoku541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

One person proving something wasn't conspiracy doesn't defacto give legitimacy to others who in fact are flat conspiracy that have no grounds in reality like flat earth.

1nsomniac541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

My point is that Oxfam & about every other independent global researcher comes out every year showing their figures of how the worlds richest 1% is exponentially increasing it's margins against the rest of the population. To a point were they're starting to claim that it may be physically impossible to stop.

These people own everything. The media, banking, pharmaceuticals. These people are relentlessly getting caught faking information & involved in illegal activities but are getting away with it. We've never been more able to inform & pass on real information in real time. This is becoming more apparent as more is being found out with governmental paedophile rings, tax havens, false flags.

We need freedom of speech in order to keep people asking questions no matter how much turns out to be bullshit in the end. If you think living in a world were we shouldn't ask questions no matter how stupid is acceptable then you're a moron too!

I don't care if there's people out there that think the world is flat. If they can show me the evidence they have I'll happily take a look & then based on that I'll make my own decision. That's how intelligence works, you don't just listen to one side & ignore the other completely.

The problem lies with the notion that you should ignore information based on thinking it's silly. We've only ever in the history of mankind progressed & made massive advancements made on the notion of silly ideas. Remember the Earth was globally accepted as being flat until some lunatic created a "conspiracy theory" that it was round.

Deadpoolio541d ago

If you believe this has ANYTHING to do with the 1st amendment then you are seriously autistic and maybe even brain dead...Not only does it NOT take anything away from your speech, because of course the autistic are too dim to grasp that you can say whatever you want but NOBODY has to give you a platform to do so BUT......The ONLY again the ONLY thing that can infringe on your 1st amendment right is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT....The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT cannot threaten to punish you if you don't stop speaking, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT cannot keep you from speaking....Im sick of autistic brain dead, brainless morons who have ZERO clue about the 1st amendment yet their the first dotards there to cry about every little thing they claim is censorship or 1st amendment infringing because their head meat is full of poop and they don't actually know what they hell they talking about..You are NOT entitled to any platform, any time to say whatever you want and nobody can do anything about it...YES a company can remove your access to the platform, YES your job can fire you unless of course you work for the federal government, YES you landlord could take the time to evict you, YES your neighbors can actually file charges IF its to that point.....Again the 1st amendment ONLY protects your freedom of speech from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT....

1nsomniac541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

Number 1. I’m not American. You clearly are, the world does not revolve around you.

Number 2. At no point have I indicated I’m autistic. For some bizarre reason you’ve assumed I have. From what strange logic, I have now idea. You also think having autism makes you automatically stupid. I’m not sure you understand what the condition is or even means? You’re not exactly putting yourself in a good position to call someone else stupid.

Number 3. I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about or what your point is. I know I’m being hypocritical with what I’ve already said but you have to start from an intellectual base To begin with and your argument doesn’t. For the most part people are blissfully ignorant and don’t ask questions. Not because they’re not allowed, but because at that point in time they’re not particularly interested. What we’re talking about is the purposeful intention of someone else making that decision for you, removing your choice based on their biased opinion.