New Sony Patent Could Bring Backwards Compatibility On PlayStation 5

Sony has filed a patent which could bring backwards compatibility on playstation 5. legacy devices playstation 4, playstation 3, playstation 4 woud work

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mcstorm624d ago

For me this is one thing Sony need to do with the ps5 just because Microsoft have. I do wonder if ps5 games will work on the ps4 and the other way round to as this is the road microsoft have said they are going so I see Sony matching this. Intresting times for the console market.

MoonConquistador624d ago

You're referring to forwards compatibility rather than backwards. No PS5 games won't work on PS4 just like PS4 games won't run on a PS3, PS 3 games won't run on a PS 2 and so forth.

2pacalypsenow624d ago

No, we dont need the Xbox 1 and PS4 holding back the PS5 and Next Xbox.

S2Killinit624d ago

There wont be forward compatability. That wouldnt even work. Backward compatibility is a different question.

KwietStorm624d ago

How exactly would PS5 games work on PS4?

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DillyDilly624d ago

& re release games Digitally as thats also a big plus from Microsoft

annoyedgamer624d ago

Backwards Comparability is a big feature when you don't have any games to offer on the Xbox On..Oh wait, Sony is doing it now?

XentaJones624d ago

Backwards Compatibility - yeah via psnow or something...