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Does The Sun Move?

The basic knowledge we receive about the cosmos usually involves the rotation and revolution paths of multiple celestial bodies around the mighty Sun. However, there seems to be a common misjudgment about the mobility of the Sun. Most believe that it is a stationary star. However, the Sun and the entire solar system orbits around …

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b163o198d ago (Edited 98d ago )

It was my understanding that the sun is racing thru space, and we( the planet's) are along for the ride. Or that's what I heard from the guy with the crazy hair that's on the history channel, what's the name of the show...Ancient Alien's...

Cobra95197d ago

"Ancient Alien" nonsense aside, yes the sun and its entire solar system race through space around our galaxy. The story has good details on it. Iirc, the plane of the ecliptic is not the same as the plane of the galaxy, making Earth's path around the Milky Way a corkscrew.